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How It Works

Overview is a new networking platform that connects drivers of plug-in electric vehicles with people who want to learn more about them. Our members are everyday people who already drive electric. Through online and in-person interactions, current plug-in drivers will equip "EV-curious" individuals with insight and practical information to help them decide about their next vehicles.


For "EV-Curious" People

Want to learn more about electric vehicles (EVs, including all-electrics and plug-in hybrids), but don't know anyone who has one? DrivingElectric can help you locate nearby plug-in drivers who are excited to share their knowledge and experience -- and even their cars -- with you. At DrivingElectric, you can:

  • Search for EV drivers by location or vehicle type
  • View EV driver profile pages to learn about their vehicle, experiences, and tips
  • Find local EV events

Once you register, you can:

  • Submit your EV questions to DrivingElectric's online forum
  • Contact EV drivers directly with your questions
  • Request a test drive/ride or car swap from an EV driver near you


For EV Drivers

Love your plug-in car and want to share the joys of owning and driving an electric vehicle with people around you? Through DrivingElectric's online community and searchable directory, once you register, you can:

  • Share photos, videos, favorite features, tips, and stories on your profile page
  • Engage in online discussions and answer questions from individuals
  • Meet "EV-curious" individuals in your area
  • Make your vehicle available for local events
  • Offer test rides/drives or short car swaps
  • Tell people how they can rent your EV through car-sharing services
  • Connect potential buyers with dealers
  • Contribute to the widespread adoption of EVs in your community!