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We will expand this FAQ, currently primarily on  technical issues.

 Q. What if I get to a page that asks me to provide my current password before I change it? A. We have changed the registration process. At the sign-on box, please Click "Request new password" and log out from the site at upper right corner of the page. When you use the one-time custom URL, next time you get to the Edit My Account page, it will allow you to change your password without asking for the old one.

Q. I had trouble using Firefox selecting my vehicle from the drop-down menu. A. We've fixed this; go back now and select one or more vehicles from the list (now including PEVs sold in Europe.)

Q. I can't find my two-wheeler. What can I do? A. We have started by listing highway-capable four-wheel vehicles,  motorcycles, and scooters. We hope in the future to add  Citycars, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, and other 3 and 2-wheelers, since they're all of course a big part of the plug-in story.  And you can already list a conversion and describe other vehicles in "My EV story."

Q. How do I use the map on my mobile device? A. To zoom in, use the + sign or double-tap on the map.

Q. I have problems accessing the search page using Internet Explorer 8. A. IE8 sn't fully standards-compliant and doesn't support some tools we use. The pins don't "cluster" and you won't see zoom buttons on the map; you'll have to use the mouse scrollwheel.

Q. What other upgrades are coming? What other bugs are being worked out?

  • Fine-tuning sizes and spacing of text around the site
  • Updating the colors on the site
  • We plan to add more driver search capabilities in the coming months.
  • Users on phones and tablets may experience slow loading of the search map!
  • Contributors to blogs and forums may see extra lines between paragraphs (especially if text is pasted in). Using preview, remove all line returns.
  • We will have a way for EV-curious people who buy a PEV to change their registration status to driver.
  • We will offer a way to save or print the terms of use documents.
  • More guidance and standards soon for the way the site scales and crops photos (some get cropped)
  • Rapid transitions at times for photos in home page slideshow
  • Searching Galleries (for photos and videos) and Forums

For other problems or suggestions, please contact us using the form at known-issues or at contact


The DrivingElectric Team