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EV-curious people appreciate personal stories from seasoned drivers. Share your  experiences, interactions and conversations. How has owning a PEV changed your life? What brings out your "EV grin"? What's your most powerful story or message?


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Test drives at National Plug In Day 2012

It's a year since we launched Now it's time for another National Plug In Day. Please join in! This time it's stretched over two days, September 28-29, in over 95 locations in the U.S. and abroad. It's co-sponsored by Plug In America, the Electric Auto Association, and the Sierra Club.

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Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley Gets A Second EV Grin

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley after driving a Tesla Model S for 20 miles

On a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, already a tireless advocate for EVs and a Chevy Volt owner, got behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S. Though he sings the praises of his Volt, after driving for 20 miles, he was very impressed by the performance, comfort, and features of the Volt -- he got a brand-new "EV grin."

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The Future of

Updating the status of the DrivingElectric project

A month ago, Felix Kramer, Founder of and, gave a 15-minute update to the annual meeting of the Electric Auto Association (EAA), held February 23, 2013 in Palo Alto.  Here's half of that talk: the part that explains how far DrivingElectric has come, and where we aim to go with more support -- which we hope will be forthcoming in the near future.

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Great Volt Lease Deals – South Carolina

Great Volt Lease Deals – South Carolina

Some love leasing a vehicle while others would never lease a vehicle. Here is why you should lease a Volt in South Carolina.

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Daytime charging rate update

After my "getting started" post, I stopped and looked at the rates again.  Duh.....if I'm running a few errands during the day and have some time before using the car in the evening, it makes sense to use the 110-volt trickle charger that comes with the car and plug it into a standard household circuit.  That's about half the dedicated 240 daytime rate.  

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Chevy Volt Superefficiency

I am a super efficient Volt Driver. I almost always get more EV miles out of my Volt, than what the dashboard states.

Here are some of my driving tips to increase efficiency.


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Getting started

Installing charging station, MI power rates, new lessee

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Considering Converting a car to electric?

I have driven an MG Midget for 35 years. About 10 years ago I thought it would make an excellent car for electric conversion. The older models only weigh 1600 lbs, and there is no power brakes, steering, or air-conditioning to deal with. I finally decide to do the conversion when I realized that Colorado was offering $6,000 in rebates to do it. This ’77 midget was started by people in California. I bought it with just the motor in it and added Lithium batteries, a controller, BMS, and other items. I was able to keep the weight down to 150 lbs over original.

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That loud crackle you hear with the windows down

So last week the temperature was high enough to have the windows down. It's also fall so the dry summer leaves are on the ground, driveway, gutters, street, cereal...ok so that's a little extreme but with 3 big oaks in the yard fall is a nightmare. But what is nice is the silent drive of my Nissan Leaf. It's so quiet that when I run over the dry leaves from the trees I can hear the crackle of the crushed leaves. 

They say silence is golden. The silent running of an EV is priceless.



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My Better Place Story

Better Place

For all my posts to date on Better Place, click here.

How it all began

The story so far: in January I saw a tweetup (meeting of people on twitter) being organised for the Better Place visitor centre which is only a 10 minute drive from my home. That short visitcompletely reversed my opinion on electric vehicles.

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